Posted by St. George

The year 2012 marked the first time that Protestants comprised a minority of the American population. We see that our brothers and sisters in the Protestant churches are in pain, that much of the foundations of the Protestant churches have been shaken by modernism and secular humanism, and that consequently many are in spiritual crisis. We feel for you and we humbly wish to offer a place for you to work out your salvation in a traditional, loving, caring, family- centered, community where Jesus Christ is the unquestioned and eternal head of the Church. There are some differences between Orthodox Christianity and Protestant Christianity to be sure, but what you will find in the Orthodox Church that is missing in Protestantism is the unchanging faith given by our Lord to the Apostles and to all men. The Orthodox faith has not changed since the time our Lord was incarnate for our salvation. Orthodox Christianity meets the world wherever it is and tries to raise men up to heaven with the salvatory teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ rather than trying to pull Christ down from heaven to the level of the street – to the lowest common denominator of society. Our worship is not a concert, but a community work of the people where all participate actively and where the Bible and its teachings are at the center of our spiritual lives. We do not consider ourselves to be somehow “better” than others, but rather we thankfully preserve what our Lord has given to the world for the very salvation of the world: the true Christian Faith. We humbly invite you to join us as we support each other in our Christian journey through this life.