Posted by St. George

Q: Why should I come to the Orthodox Church or any church for that matter?

A: Why should you go to work or school, “for that matter”? It is totally natural. As a child of God you must worship Him in some way, somehow, with your Christian brothers and sisters. This is a scriptural teaching. The Orthodox Church offers the most meaningful and rich expression of faith and worship there is (you’d have to see it to believe it). Why settle for less?

Q: If I joined your Church, would I have to come every service?

A: The only things we have to do in this world are to pay taxes and die. Coming to Church will give you a deduction for the former and prepare you for the latter.You come because you want to come, whenever there is a service. Shotgun Christians are doubters of their own faith, no one forces you. Your attendance and participation is your natural response to God’s place in your personal spiritual life, as well as a testimony to faith in His existence in His Body, the Church and Community of Believers.

Q: How long is one of your services?

A: Not long enough for those striving for spiritual growth and renewal. In minutes, the Divine Liturgy (such as our service on the Sabbath and Lord’s Days) is a bit longer than an episode of General Hospital (but without the corruption and commercials).

Q: What does it cost to be a member of the Orthodox Church?

A: It costs you your life.

Q: No, I mean in dollars and cents?

A: It costs you all that you have.

Q: You must be joking?

A: No, it’s the truth. When you commit yourself to Jesus Christ and His Church, you will come to understand that everything you possess is a gift from Him to be used for His glory. For example, if you are living as best you can according to Jesus Christ’s teachings, your life is giving glory to God. Then even your grocery bill for the food which sustains and nourishes your life, is a contribution to the glory of God. This is the Orthodox understanding of the term “stewardship”.